Global Game Jam 2011

This is our 2nd year pimping ourselves out to the worthy cause that is The Global Game Jam (GGJ). GGJ is the world’s largest game ‘jam’ event occurring annually in late January. It is basically the computer game equivalent of the 48hr film competition. We love the challenge and the limited commitment of the fast turnaround format (and ♥ making computer game music).

We made an epic amount of music/sounds in just 24HRS(!) for 3 games… only 2/3 got used (cute unused lumberjack music loop available!)

First up was the type of game that we dream about:

Dead Pixels

We need very little encouragement to make old school computer game music. And with this effort we won best soundtrack at the Auckland GGJ. God bless the MSSIAH.


“Dead Pixels is a hardcore retro platformer with a twist – the pixels of your monitor are decaying, obscuring your vision. As the pixels become extinct, it’s much harder to see where the dangers are. The speed of decay is proportional to how fast you’re moving. Do you take the level at speed, or carefully explore with limited visibility?”


“We went for the achievement ‘Back to School, OLD School: The game must have a screen resolution of exactly 160×144, is restricted to a colour palette of four shades of the same colour, and the game must be 1 Megabyte or less on disk (incl. executable, all assets and external libraries, unzipped)”



Noah More Heroes

The team who made this game have to be commended for their unique vision, and ambition. Noah More Heroes has bucket loads of charm, and best of all, it WORKS.

We aren’t responsible for all the sounds on this. We made the majority of the animal/environmental/action sound fx and wrote the ridiculous title screen music (deliriously trying to entertain ourselves at 6 am)



Noah More Heroes